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The BUTTING Group is getting ready to take off with a new crew

The BUTTING Group is planning a new start to their offering with the hiring of two new Business Development Managers and the hiring of a new Project Manager in early 2023.

The BUTTING Group is getting ready to take off with a new crew

Jörn Kubiak has taken over as CEO of the BUTTING Group's Aviation and Space division. Following on from their success with their Aviation and Space customers the BUTTING Group, a family owned business with over 245 years of history, have made the strategic decision to increase their footprint within Aviation and Space.

Building upon the tradition of excellence in the manufacturing of pipes, tanks and vessels in a range of industries and with the integration all the capabilities and specialities, the BUTTING Group are in a position to offer unrivalled experience and expertise in a wide range of materials.

With the strategic decision to bring Schwanner GmbH into the group BUTTING have also brought in house the capability to offer vacuum insulated pipes, tanks and valves for the utilisation of deep cooled Hydrogen and Oxygen within Aviation and Space.

The BUTTING capabilities cover not only services that meet the requirements of the Aviation and Space community but also those responsible for the infrastructure at airports and space ports.

Also in March 2023 the BUTTING Group is planning to open an office in the centre of Hamburg in order to bring itself closer to the hub of Aviation activity in Germany.

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