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Kollmorgen Motors for Defense

Proven Processes, Reliable Delivery.

Kollmorgen Motors for Defense

Few business challenges are as formidable and complex as winning a defense contract. Program specifications, contractual obligations and provisioning requirements are all far more demanding than practically anything encountered in the civilian manufacturing world.

Risk mitigation is crucial at every stage to hit deadlines, transition successfully from prototype to full-rate production, and keep defense customers supplied throughout the program lifecycle.

To win, you need a reliable partner. With more than 100 years of motion leadership, including over 70 years designing, manufacturing and supplying motion products for aerospace and defense applications, Kollmorgen delivers motors with proven reliability, from initial design through trusted service, in theaters of operation around the world.

Download the whitepaper “Kollmorgen Motors for Defense: Proven Processes, Reliable Delivery” and discover ”Why” to choose Kollmorgen.

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Join the 155,000+ IMP followers