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Rheinmetall successfully completes operational testing of its electric air start unit with Air Canada

Rheinmetall Canada, a leader in the ground support equipment industry, is proud to announce the success of its operational tests with Air Canada with its electric air start unit, the Rheinmetall eMSU. The first fully electric air start unit will set a new standard for excellence in the electric ground support equipment (GSE) sector.
Rheinmetall successfully completes operational testing of its electric air start unit with Air Canada

The eMSU provides pneumatic power to aircraft engines with its electrically driven turbine-type air compressor and embedded lithium-ion battery system that enable stand-alone operations, negating the need for external power, such as fixed power at the gate or a separate ground power unit. With its 250 ppm of air flow at 56 psia, sufficient to start the vast majority of aircraft engines, the eMSU is designed to start the engines of regional jets, narrow-body aircraft, and even wide-body aircraft.

It can also be used for engine maintenance operations. Other key features of the eMSU include its:

  • compact and stable trailer platform;
  • ability to be charged from a regular automotive-type charging station of up to 100 kW; and
  • faster warm-up and superior pneumatic power compared to screw compressor units.

Some of the successful tests conducted with Air Canada include:

  • compressor wash and main engine start of an Airbus A220 equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW1524G engines;
  • engine spin up to 27% of the N3 speed of an A330 equipped with Rolls-Royce Trent 700 engines; and
  • engines preservations of Pratt & Whitney PW1524 & PW1524G, General Electric Aviation CF6-80C2, and CFM International CFM56 engines.

The success of this testing phase marks an important stage in the development of the product and represents a significant leap forward in air start operations. Once commercialized, the Rheinmetall eMSU will contribute towards helping airlines and GSE service providers achieve their sustainability and net-zero greenhouse gas emissions goals.

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